ACM Transactions on Reconfigurable Technology and Systems (TRETS) is a peer-reviewed and archival journal that covers reconfigurable technology, systems, and applications on reconfigurable computers. Authors are invited to submit original manuscripts for consideration after having reviewed the Information for Authors on this website. The first issue was published in March 2008.

TRETS focuses on reconfigurable technology, systems, and applications on reconfigurable computers. Its focus is on research in, on, and with reconfigurable systems and on the underlying technology (which may be FPGAs but could include other adaptable fabrics). The scope, rationale, and coverage by other journals are often limited to particular aspects of reconfigurable technology or reconfigurable systems. TRETS covers reconfigurability in its own right.

Topics appropriate for TRETS include all levels of reconfigurable system abstractions and all aspects of reconfigurable technology including platforms, programming environments and application successes, such as:

  • The systems architecture of a reconfigurable platform.
  • The programming environment of a reconfigurable system.
  • Applications on which success can be demonstrated.
  • The underlying technology from which reconfigurable systems are developed, including FPGA architectures and their associated computer-aided design algorithms.
In considering whether a paper is suitable for TRETS, the foremost question should be whether reconfigurability has been essential to success. Topics such as architecture, programming languages, compilers, and environments, logic synthesis, physical design algorithms, and high performance applications are all suitable if the context is appropriate. For example, an architecture for an embedded application that happens to use FPGAs is not necessarily suitable for TRETS, but an architecture using FPGAs for which the reconfigurability of the FPGAs is an inherent part of the specifications would be appropriate.

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